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Hannity And Kasich Too Cowardly To Stand By The Constitution

Reported by Ellen - June 18, 2008 -

Just two days after “Great American” Sean Hannity insisted that America is the greatest country on earth, he and his fellow chickenhawk, John Kasich, attacked those who revere the Constitution and believe that it should trump fear of terrorists. With video.

I’ve long thought that Hannity’s bullyboy bravado covered up a lily liver. On last night’s Hannity & Colmes, Hannity and Kasich (every bit the bully that Hannity is) proved my theory right.

So afraid was Kasich, that he started yelling at Alan Colmes the moment he brought up the fact that we have not yet captured Osama bin Laden.

Kasich immediately changed the subject to the recent Supreme Court decision granting habeas corpus protections to detainees at Guantanamo Bay. He instantly became condescending and contentious. He said, “You know, when we captured people in World War II, we didn’t give ‘em a bunch of lawyers and a lot of bunch of habeas corpus! And treat ‘em like us! These guys want to cut off your head!”

Colmes pointed out that Kasich was changing the subject. “It’s been seven years since 9/11. Where are the perpetrators? ...Did going into Iraq help find them?”

Obviously, Kasich had no answer for that. So he turned quarrelsome again. “Wait a minute, Alan. This is not a debate about the war in Iraq. This is a debate about how we treat people in Al Qaeda.”

Colmes responded, “I’m debating what we do when we’re attacked, as we were on 9/11. Do we go after the people who actually attacked us or do we go invade a country who had nothing to do with that? And indeed, in 1993 or shortly thereafter, the people who perpetrated that tragedy were brought to justice, unlike what’s happened since 9/11.”

A banner on the lower third of the screen repeatedly read: McCain advisors say Obama has Sept. 10 mindset (FNC helpfully ran B roll footage of a collapsed and burning World Trade Center along with the banner at one point).

Obama was shown at the beginning of the segment saying, “In part because of (the Bush administration’s) failed strategies, we’ve got bin Laden still sending out audio tapes.” But instead of using something punchy like that to counter McCain’s charge on the lower third, the producers used, “Obama says he supports putting terrorists on trial.”

In his sing-song bullyboy voice, Hannity went on a tirade against those who are brave enough to cherish the Constitution, even when the country is under threat. He asked the other guest, Juan Williams, “Here’s my question. Democrats oppose the NSA surveillance program (because it involves warrantless wiretapping, an abrogation of the Constitution), the PATRIOT Act, (another diminution of Constitutional rights), tough interrogations (a/k/a/ torture). They’re gonna confer rights on enemy combatants, which we’ve never done before in history. What do they support?”

Williams’ answer made me want to start cheering. “I can tell you, Sean. They support the Constitution that you should support if you’re an American.”

“I support the Constitution,” Hannity started to say.

Williams continued, not allowing himself to be interrupted. “If you love America, if you believe in liberties, if you believe in protecting people even when they are being demonized, you would say, ‘You know what? Let’s see what Constitutional protections should apply to this person whether they’re a terrorist or not. Because it protects all of us.”

Not surprisingly, that caused “patriotic” Hannity and Kasich to start yelling at Williams that enemy combatants should not get those protections.

Hannity said, “There’s two reasons why we do this. Number one, we do it so they can’t orchestrate further attacks on America and there’s another reason. So we can, we can literally get information to protect the American people. That’s why we need tough interrogations!”

Translation: I’m so terrified that I’m willing to toss out the bedrock of American law in order to make me feel more secure.

At the end, Colmes told Kasich, “The Constitution applies to persons, not just citizens... It applies to persons, that’s what it says.”

Colmes is right. Check it out.