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George Will: People Are Against Offshore Drilling Because The Left Wants A Manufactured Scarcity

Reported by Ellen - June 18, 2008 -

George Will seems to be trying out for a new position on FOX News. Following up on a recent appearance on Hannity & Colmes, he was the first and only guest for last night's (6/17/08) top two segments. As usual, they were devoted to Republican talking points. In the second segment (the first one was reaction to MoveOn.org’s attack ad about John McCain ), FOX News, in concert with President Bush and McCain, did its best to urge the lifting of a ban on offshore drilling. Will must have hit one out of the park for the FNC producers with his unwarranted attack on those who oppose it. With video.

As Think Progress reported, Bush plans to call on Congress later today to lift a ban on offshore drilling.

A banner on the lower third of the screen read: Cutting gas prices: Is drilling the answer? If the Hannity & Colmes producers were really interested in allowing their viewers to make up their own minds, they would have offered a panel or at least a neutral guest to present another viewpoint.

Even so, it’s not like Will is an expert on the subject of offshore drilling. As Melanie reminded me, he's the one who started the false rumor that the Chinese are drilling off the coast of Florida. But what he lacked in expertise, he made up for with poisoned rhetoric and conspiracy theories. Will told Sean Hannity, “People are against (offshore drilling) because on – I believe on the left in this country what they want is a manufactured scarcity so that government can have the rationale to ration which gives the government what the left wants, ever more minute supervision of our daily choices."

Hannity asked, “Do you think there’s an anti-capitalist sentiment behind this, too?”

“Oh, good heavens, yes!” Will exclaimed. “Because there’s a fear that someone, somewhere may make a profit.”