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Bill O'Reilly Invites Tammy Bruce and Dennis Miller To Critique Michelle Obama on The View

Reported by Deborah - June 18, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly always takes an interest in the happenings on The View but Michelle Obama's appearance today got his special attention. Since BOR prefers his guests to sling mud for him, he invited Tammy Bruce and later Dennis Miller to critique Michelle Obama's performance today,(June18, 2008). Both Bruce and Miller managed to find something to criticize but they were obviously stretching.

Nobody mentioned that Michelle came out insisting that everyone give her a "terrorist fist jab" which was a very funny move and great way to acknowledge that she knows what's happening.

O'Reilly, bringing himself into the situation, noted that he and Bruce are always getting criticized in the media adding that Michelle Obama is now in an "intense arena". He was suggesting that she should expect the horrible treatment received. (Especially from FOX News)

Tammy Bruce seemed disappointed that Michelle Obama was so charming and likable on The View. Bruce praised her for usually being honest and direct claiming her behavior today was a reversal describing it as "artful" She said, "Only the pillbox hat was missing. She's not Jacqueline Kennedy." Then commented about her turning into a "Stepford wife". Bruce later continued with her theory that it was all an act. She said that as a feminist she found it disappointing and Michelle Obama came off as a "different woman".

BOR, compelled to get "liberal" into the discussion, claimed Mrs Obama was treated so well because everyone except Elisabeth H. is liberal. He didn't mention that Laura Bush and Cindy McCain were also treated well when they appeared.

When Dennis Miller came on, Bill tried to get him to do his usual put downs. In the past, Miller has called Michelle Obama bitter and unhappy. Instead he said she was beautiful. BOR immediately jumped in to say that Laura Bush was good looking. Then Miller tried to offer the expected making a weak jab about her complaining being "tedious". O'Reilly started some sophomoric ridicule which fell flat.

Comment: Once again the Obamas have been underestimated by the opposition. Here's a video from Buzzflash which is part of a series designed to acquaint America with the Obama Family. This is the kind of stuff Bill O'Reilly wouldn't want his viewers to see.