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What A Coincidence! As Al Gore Endorsed Barack Obama, FOX News Trotted Out Karl Rove To Blame Environmentalists For Energy And Economic Woes

Reported by Ellen - June 17, 2008 -

Hannity & Colmes barely covered Al Gore’s endorsement of Barack Obama last night (6/16/08). The supposedly “fair and balanced” coverage included silent footage of Gore and Obama on one side of the screen while on the other, Karl Rove, unidentified as an informal advisor to John McCain’s campaign, tore apart Gore, the endorsement and his environmental stances. With video.

In his scripted introduction, Alan Colmes said, “The average price of a gallon of gasoline hit another high today of $4.08 a gallon. That’s more than a dollar higher than one year ago. But who is to blame?”

Could there be anyone who has ever watched FOX News who could not guess the answer?

As far as I can tell, Rove has no credentials in either energy or economic policies. But that did not deter him from denigrating environmental concerns and talking up the importance of overriding them as the means for solving the country’s problems.

Rove said the fundamental problem behind high oil prices is supply and demand, not speculation, as Colmes had suggested. “When you have very thin surplus and supply, that’s when you get very dramatic upward price pressure,” Rove said, playing an expert on TV. As the footage of Obama and Gore continued on the screen next to him, Rove insisted that drilling in ANWR would have alleviated the high prices.

The screen read, “Alert: Awaiting Al Gore endorsement of Senator Barack Obama.” I’m not sure who was awaiting but it certainly was not FOX News. We got a snippet or two of Gore and nothing from Obama. But we had two full segments of Rove.

Predictably, Rove attacked Obama along with Gore. “I got to tell you, Alan,” Rove said with suspect earnestness. “This is sort of weird that (Gore) would wait this long and then why do it in Michigan? Why do it in Detroit, Michigan after he’s written a book which has gotten him a lot of detractors in sort of the blue collar, United Auto Worker community in Michigan? ... It seems to me that eight years have not changed the tone deafness of Al Gore.”

So tone deaf he won the Nobel Peace Prize? So tone deaf that he won the popular vote in 2000? And, as FOXNews.com pointed out, about 20,000 of those “detractors” showed up to watch him make that supposedly ill-fated endorsement.

Rove continued, “This makes it more likely that tomorrow morning, somebody’s gonna wake up, pick up the morning paper in Detroit and turn to their spouse and say, ‘What the heck was Al Gore doing endorsing Obama? That’s the guy that wants to take away my job at the car factory.’ This is not a smart thing for Obama to do.”

Sean Hannity, who once cancelled an appearance at Washington University in St. Louis because the students sponsoring him could not come up with a private jet that satisfied him (and the first-class ticket they offered instead wasn't good enough either) and whose speaking fees include travel by private jet, sneered at the beginning of his portion of the segment, “I wonder if (Gore) flew on his private jet to Detroit and had to buy some carbon -”

Before he could finish, Rove sneered in response, “Be fair. Be fair. He probably had a carbon offset. He probably bought a tree in Costa Rica.”

“Probably from his own carbon offset company which we have highlighted on this program here,” Hannity retorted.

I’m surprised they didn’t replay it last night.