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Hannity: The American Health Care System Makes America The Greatest Country on Earth

Reported by Ellen - June 17, 2008 -

Sunday night, June 15, 2008, on Hannity's America, Sean Hannity presented one of the reasons "the United States is the greatest, best country God ever gave to man." According to Hannity, we have the best health care system on the planet. As proof, Hannity compared the U. S. to Canada, Britain, France, and Cuba.

Guest blogged by Laura

Hannity said,
"Many critics of the United States, like our well-intentioned liberal friends, also attack everything American."

Hannity presented the typical anti-national health care reports of other countries' health care systems, starting with Canada. The Hanctimonious One reported that 57 percent of Canadians seeking consultations with a specialist wait four weeks or more to be seen, compared to 23 percent in the United States. In Canada, 21 percent of 50 year old women wait more than three weeks for biopsies to determine the presence of breast cancer, compared with one percent of Americans. Next came Britain. Hannity said that according to a 2006 report from the British Department of Health, "... at any given time there are more than 900,000 Brits waiting for admission to the National Health Services hospitals." What did Hannity have to say about France? Nothing about services or physicians, just that France is operating its national health care service at a $15.5 billion deficit. With Cuba. Hannity loaded the screen with video taken by a "Cuban dissident" that Hannity's America "acquired." Well, I have "acquired" the same videos, created in August, 2007 and available at therealcuba.com. Hannity spoke over the video that depicted "Broken windows, filthy conditions in the bathrooms, and patients covered in flies." Then, seeming to forget history once again, he asked, "Can you imagine a hospital in Atlanta, or Chicago, or Dallas getting away with that?"

Comments: Hey, Sean, how about Walter Reed, or post-Katrina New Orleans? Do you think the conditions in those hospitals are the greatest on the Earth? Also, mad right-wing props for getting in a few pictures of Michael Moore when you talked about "our well-intentioned liberal friends."

Is Sean saying that America's health care system is the greatest because only 23 percent of Americans have to wait four weeks to see a specialist?

National health care is for those that can't afford it. Sean, Bill-O, Alan Colmes, Uncle Rupert Murdoch, and all their pals can still go to their favorite doctors, but a national health care system will enable the family of four, living on the streets, to go to a doctor to get preventative care instead of running to an emergency room after they're seriously ill. That will save money, Sean. Prevention is always cheaper than remediation. What's so hard to understand about that?