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Hannity Falls On His Face Trying To Bully Congressman Adam Schiff

Reported by Ellen - June 17, 2008 -

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff did a masterful job on last night’s (6/16/08) Hannity & Colmes arguing down the notion that we ought to drill in ANWR and elsewhere to solve our energy problems. Schiff was prepared and at the ready with quick, easy-to-understand facts and he refused to be bullied by Sean Hannity. With video.

Hannity evidently thought he was going to trick and badger Schiff into “revealing” some kind of socialistic attitude toward oil companies by pointing out that a greater percentage of oil prices go to the government than to ExxonMobil and the like. In bullyboy mode, Hannity kept demanding to know why Schiff does not support lowering federal taxes on fuel. But Schiff was obviously more prepared than Hannity. Schiff calmly and quickly explained that we need the federal taxes for infrastructure but that the oil companies, who have earned record profits lately, do not need the tax benefits they currently enjoy. Rather than have the government keep the extra money from rescinding their tax breaks, Schiff proposes shifting the benefits to solar and other alternative energy industries, instead.

Hannity’s Hanctimonious histrionics fell flat.