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Former Speaker of The House Gingrich Needs To Get Some Learning

Reported by Ellen - June 17, 2008 -

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, (R-GA) was a guest on Sunday night's (15 June 2008) Hannity's America. After a compulsory mention of the passing of Mr. Tim Russert, Mr. Gingrich answered a few questions from Hannity. He wanted to know, if one works very hard, gets up every morning, and learns marketable skills, can one fail in America? Newt was perfectly out of touch. "You can fail for one or two weeks, but then you pick yourself back up, you go back to work and you create another company."


The hits just kept on coming. Gingrich stated that if Arnold Schwarzenegger had never come to America, he could never have become so rich, popular, and powerful. Gingrich said that The Governator (R-CA) could never have become the top elected official of "the largest state in the United States" if he had stayed in Austria.

To close out his segment, Gingrich listed the things that are worrying him about the direction the United States is taking. He is concerned about schools because of what they teach, and he is concerned that today's music is decadent and destructive. Those are two of the things that worry Gingrich about the future of America.

Gingrich also mentioned a petition drive he has started, and that Hannity has been pimping. It's called, "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less"

Comments:Let's set aside the geographic impossibility of becoming the Governor of California while living in Austria. The shocking thing is that Newt claimed that California is the largest state in America. I think everyone's favorite bridge-building senator, Ted Stevens of Alaska might disagree. How could Newt forget about Alaska? He's running an on-line petition to urge Congress to drill in ANWR.

Also, after Hannity used Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, and Usher as examples of the greatness of America, how could Newt then claim that today's music is a concern? Didn't he watch the first part of the show? Oh, no, he couldn't. He was on tape.

Apparently more people need to start new companies, because the latest reports show that unemployment rose last month - again. Source: Employment Situation Summary - May 2008, U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics