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This "Just In:" Laura Ingraham's new program unabashedly right-wing (to balance Hannity's America)

Reported by Chrish - June 16, 2008 -

(A man host balanced by a woman host, get it?)
Laura Ingraham debuted a new program on FOX News this afternoon 6/16/08, replacing America's Election HeadQuarters, which in turn had hastily replaced The Big Story when John Gibson was finally kicked off the air. The line-up was predicatbly conservative; Ingraham said the program was "bursting at the seams" with former Republican presidential candidates which prompted Fred Thompson to remark that it was "like old home week."

Mitt Romney appeared first, speaking of taxes and the economy. He worked in support for domestic drilling, coastal and in ANWR, and more exploration for non-renewables. Renewable sources, he pronounced, would not be nearly enough. He rejected Obama's tax plans, saying that tax increases (non-renewal of the Bush cuts) would hurt the economy, raising the FICA ceiling is not the answer to Social Security's looming disaster, and asked about being VP, gave a glowing and reverent tribute to John McCain.

Next Fred Thompson appeared to discuss the new Supreme Court decision that allows Guantanamo prisoners to appeal their detentions. It was asserted that we are already giving them more rights and hearings than anyone anywhere ever; the detainees were all treated as proven terrorists, not people awaiting judgment. Ingraham quoted Antonin Scalia, who said the decision will result in people being killed. They are exercised that the Court is wresting power from the Executive branch, and the Justices don't have to be accountable to voters.

Next up was conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly, who loved Barack Obama's speech about fathers taking responsibility and declared it a "conservative message" and a play by Obama to move to the center. Theya lso touched on Al Gore's request that his supporters donate to Barack Obama's campaign, speculating that it will be a $100 million summer for him. No worries, though: this election (unlike all others in recent memory) will not come down to money, it will come down who do voters trust? (I'll take option C: turnout... it'll be huuuuuge!)

Ingraham hosted fellow Catholic and Jeremiah Wright basher Raymond Arroyo of EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network ) to discuss the return of Catholic priest Michael Pfleger to the altar after a two-week suspension for attacking Hillary Clinton. Close your eyes and you don't see the "Star Trek outfit" with all the spangles but you hear the same "liberation theology" as Jeremiah Wright - "revolution and race over redemption and peace." He and Ingraham giggled over taking a road trip to Chicago to see for themselves, and Ingraham remarked that she would have to take Communion elsewhere first - insinuating that the Catholics in Pfleger's diocese are getting fake or substandard Eucharist.

Remember, Ingraham never claimed to be fair or balanced - she's conservative instead. The remainder of her show had lesser-known guests ("radio talk-show host and all-around immigration expert" Ed Hendy and Captain Ted Garcia of the Webb County Sheriff's office) who hammered the "conservative" issue, control of the Mexican-American border and enforcing current border law.

There was one guest, immigration attorney Francisco Hernandez, who put forth reasonable views (i.e., not conservative) about northbound Mexican drug and human smugglers getting their guns from southbound American smugglers, the responsibility of USAmericans to to eliminate demand for both drugs and labor, and a suggestion that Mexico build refineries near the border, creating jobs and giving the US a cheaper source of oil products.

The final guest was a recently naturalized American citizen who was one of seventy sworn in at Arlington National Cemetery; very touching, not just to conservatives and FOX viewers.

I can't imagine what she'll do tomorrow, as she hit all the hot-button issues today. Perhaps she'll switch to "culture" themes and take on abortion rights, stem cell research, and gay marriage.