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Outrageous Quote of the Week 6/14/08

Reported by Chrish - June 16, 2008 -

Dick Morris proved that he can smear people Democrats besides the Clintons, as he did to Senator Barack Obama last week: "(David Horowitz) said that all of his old associates, all of the left-wingers who he knew as a kid are now in the Obama campaign and he rattled off a whole bunch of names. These guys are not Democrats. These guys are, – Stalinist, is the phrase he used. And it gives you real pause... It's very hard for me to believe that this guy's a sleeper agent and a Manchurian candidate. On the other hand, you've got to look at it."
This week's selection of scurrilousness follows:

Option A: " This is a group of people living in an alternative reality and apparently studying in the Reverend Wright school of oratory." Mary Katherine Hamm, describing the people attending the National Conference for Media Reform on The O'Reilly Factor, 6/10/08

Option B: "...some say you definitely should not get a hybrid car because they're not safe." Steve Doocy, between segments promoting drilling in ANWR, FOX and Friends, 6/11/08

Option C: "Outraged Liberals: Stop picking on Obama's Baby Mama" -- banner while Megyn Kelly and Michelle Malkin picked on Michelle Obama, America's Election headquarters, 6/11/08

Option D: " My guess is that Jim Johnson was anxious to stop being the poster boy for Obama's hypocrisy." Fred Barnes, Beltway Boys, 6/14/08

Option E: '...after Tim McVeigh and the Oklahoma bombing, the government put an end to militias.'" Bill O'Reilly's rationale for not attacking the farright with the same zeal and regularity that he attacks the "farleft," the Radio Factor, 6/9/08