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Bill O'Reilly: Democrats Using Sex and Dating To Get Votes

Reported by Deborah - June 16, 2008 -

Since Bill O'Reilly likes to spice up The Factor with a little sex whenever possible, he lucked out tonight with an opportunity to combine sex and Democrat bashing in one segment. Mary Katherine Hamm and Heather Nauert joined BOR to review the recently released video from Truth Through Action. However, O'Reilly and guests were very careful not to reveal who created the video or where it could be seen.

Heather Nauert, no longer John Gibson's sidekick, is now FOX News' expert on the "youth vote". Mary Katherine Hamm, BOR's internet diva, has also recently become a FOX News contributor of self righteous Republican disdain.

BOR only showed the last bit of the video when the girl sees the photo of John McCain, grabs her clothes and races out the door. Factor viewers got more titillated from all his segments about teens sending topless photos on their cell phones. Nevertheless, Bill made sure he warned the audience before the clip. Then he declared that the video was "beyond stupid."

Nauert, doing her job as Youth Vote expert, said she talked to the guy responsible. (No names, please) Nauert reported that he planned to do a dozen with hope that people would pass them around noting that he wanted to make Republicans "look goofy". Nauert explained that it was meant to make Obama look hip and McCain the old guy.

Hamm wasted no time implicating Obama. " Barack Obama does it actively and aggressivly" claiming that Obama sells things on his website that are a "little hipper and slicker" and "everything matches," She complained that Democrats " brand themselves as cool".Nauert reminded them that the nameless organization is a 527 and able to raise unlimited money.

Bill was not convinced that it could draw voters and Hamm said it would get around that "a Barack Obama rally is a place to meet chicks and they only sleep with Democrats." When asked about a Republican version, Hamm quipped, " It would be a little less risque."

comment: Take a look at Barack Obama's website store where he markets coolness "actively and aggressively" and "everything matches". Wonder what Mary Katherine thinks of the lapel pins? Are they too cool?