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Republican Desperation On Fox News Beltway Boys

Reported by Deborah - June 15, 2008 -

Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke revealed their Republican desperation on The Beltway Boys, (June14, 2008). During the weekly, Ups and Downs segment, John McCain got a down for his comment about Iraq during an interview on The Today Show. However, the Boys turned their elaboration into an attack on John Kerry and Barack Obama using obvious distortions to make their point. Then after giving Obama an "Up", their elaboration was far from complimentary

When Matt Lauer asked McCain about reducing troop levels in Iraq, he said " That's not too important". The B Boys were more concerned with McCain's defensive position than the content of his comment. Barnes claimed McCain was defending "every nit-picky charge".

Kondracke attacked John Kerry for his criticism of McCain claiming that John Kerry had wanted McCain as his running mate in 2004. In fact, it was McCain who approached Kerry about teaming up in 2004. Here's a transcript of McCain telling Tony Snow that Kerry never offered him the VP slot.

Barnes criticized Obama for "pretending that nothing has changed in Iraq". Barnes listed all the recent accomplishments in Iraq including a declaration that Al Qaeda was "destroyed". It seems John McCain was never informed of this because he says on his campaign website,

"It would be a grave mistake to leave before Al Qaeda in Iraq is defeated and before a competent, trained, and capable Iraqi security force is in place and operating effectively."

Obama was congratulated for his quick response to critics but the accompanied barbs revealed their disdain. Jim Johnson was described as a " poster boy for Obama's hypocrisy" and they opined that Obama's new website would allow him to describe everything as a smear.

Watch the video