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Fair and Balanced Fox Viewer Writes: You Are the "Worst Piece of Crap Site Thereis [sic]"

Reported by Melanie - June 14, 2008 -

Yep. The hate mail keeps coming.

No surprise. We wade through it, sigh, and move on. (Oops. Guess I shouldn't say that! The George Soros haters will be on us like flies even though, far as we know, he has no idea that we exist.)

Anyway, here's the most recent batch (June 14, 2008), updating our last hate mail post, circa April 26, 2008.

The emails below are exact reproductions - typos and all - but the names of the Fox, ah, folks, who sent them have been omitted.

April 29:

As for your slogan "We watch FOX so you don't have to," I find several incidents where you mis-characterize FOX coverage. This exposes your bias, leading me to believe you are nothing more than a far-left liberal who misleads the public to further your radical political causes. I find a need to watch FOX even more. They are more prone to communicate facts.

April 30:

I noted, in your "Newshounds Manifesto" which I found via Google while looking for information about Pastor Jeremiah Wright, that in the very first paragraph you extend
gratitude to former Vice-President Al Gore and acknowledge your apparent connections
to MoveOn.Org.

You people seem to think, and you certainly make it a point to criticize Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, et al., as being hypocritically "biased, unbalanced and unfair" in its presentation of news and/or opinions with which you, rather vehemently, differ. Although I'm a registered Independent voter (no doctrinarian of blindly-followed party, thank you), I find your own protestations rather amusing, however ridiculous.

As I make it a practice regularly to watch and/or listen to various news broadcasts and/or print media, such as Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and, oh yes, even CBS (when my stomach can take it), I can only conclude that your intentions and/or agenda are highly suspect themselves. Does Fox News appear to air content that might be labeled (love that word, no?) conservative?... perhaps even (Ugh!) right-wing?... I would agree. Should I assume that Fox is therefore unfair and unbalanced? Are CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS, therefore eminently fair and balanced because they emphasize a liberal?...perhaps even (Ugh!) left-wing slant? Am I supposed to bow down and worship at the feet of Al Gore for his "fair and balanced" advocacy of your political views? And MoveOn.Org?!?!? Don't get me started on that bunch!

It's amazing to me that, as I see it, one is not "liberal" because of openmindedness; one is, rather, "Liberal".....or else! Talk about "political correctness"! I can only hope (and pray) that people are, or will quickly become, aware of your own hypocrisy! How sad!

May 22:

Hey Melanie, if Democrats shouldn't go on Fox because of the "trick questions" they will encounter, what makes them capable to handle the "trick questions" from Iran, N. Korea, Russia, etc. Just like a typical liberal...always whining about being tricked, or being the wrong color, or being the wrong sex, LIFE isn't fair. Funny how Liberals have to have all the cards on their side to win...you could put a conservative in a room with one hundred liberals and he/she could hold their own.....liberals would cry out in agony....sad, sad truth!

June 8:

you are the worst liberal piece of crap site thereis. you people suck. we watch foxnews so we do not have to watch those other 2 worthless news channels osama will never be president. he is a spook coon anti- white piece of shit

June 13:

Please tell me you’ve found something else to do with your time.


Comment: The June 8th guy - "spook coon anti- white piece of shit?" People in this country still call African-Americans "spook coon?" Congrats on informing your viewers, Fox "News."

P.S. Send money. Show us that you support our fight against this kind of "news."