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Shep Smith Guilty of Blasphemy?

Reported by Priscilla - June 13, 2008 -

I just caught this and had to share it with you. On June 9th, Fox's Shep Smith did a story about a Pennsylvania man who was drunk, naked, and stuck in a toilet. As noted by Think Progress, where you can see the video, Shep said that people who get stuck in toilets are “people who deny the whole global warming thing.” “They’re just a little crazy, you know?” Does Shep realize that what he said is tantamount to heresy in Foxworld?

I fear for Shep's future at Fox where the prevailing "wisdom" is that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by those bad, liberal, scientists. Several of my "Grapevine" threads have referenced the anti global warming "studies" and "scientists" that Hume is so fond of. This kind of comment by Smith shows some real cognitive dissonance at Fox News. Will Smith be "re-educated" at "rehab?" Or will he go the way of Neil Gabler, formerly of Fox News Watch, who dared challenge the right wing orthodoxy? I hope not, as Smith's sardonic wit is a breath of fresh air at Fox.

And on another note - When will Brit Hume do an amusing "Grapevine" segment about Governor Bobby Jindal's exorcism? Its strangeness and comedic value would be perfect for the "Grapevine." Bet if a Democrat had cast out demons, it would have been on the "Grapevine" if not the lead on Special Report!