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O'Reilly's intro puts FOX News in a nutshell

Reported by Chrish - June 13, 2008 -

This intro to O'Reilly's Factor last night 6/12/08 pretty much sums up FOX tactics and practices. Conservatives and Republicans analyze, putting out their views and talking points, while Democrats and liberals (and Katie Couric, bearing the banner of competitors) are only seen on videotape, criticized by O'Reilly and unable to respond.
With video.

By the way, the weather segment in between was a three-minute uninterrupted monologue*** by weather forecaster Joe Bastardi of Accuweather:

Bastardi is skeptical about the significance or the severity of human-induced global warming. Joe frequently argues in his columns that extreme weather events occur occasionally and that there is not enough evidence to state that such events are unusual. For example, in regards to the effect of climate change on hurricanes, Bastardi stated:

I have no doubt this may be some value to human-induced global warming, but there are a lot of things that are happening now that have happened before. ( – Joe Bastardi, Larry King Live, June 28, 2006 [11])

In this regard, Bastardi agrees with William Gray, a hurricane forecaster at Colorado State University. Gray believes that global mean temperatures in 20 years will be lower than those of today, and that the current warm period is being caused by changes in ocean currents, not by increases in carbon dioxide. This view is not shared by the vast majority of physicists and climatologists.

Yet another "expert" on FOX who coincidentally promotes their agenda. It would be harder to convince people to support more oil drilling if they were concerned about burning fossil fuels contributing to man-made global warming, so the skeptics play an important part.

*** At the end of his spiel O'Reilly jokingly chided Bastardi, saying that was the longest time ever he (BOR) didn't speak on the program, and that helped global warming. He timed it, he claimed, and said it was four minutes. But it was three minutes, almost to the second. O'Reilly has a pathological need to exaggerate and aggrandize, as we've noted. The simple truth is never enough.