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Mike Huckabee Joins FOX News

Reported by Ellen - June 13, 2008 -

FOX News relentlessly bashed Mike Huckabee during the Republican primaries. But now FOX has hired Huckabee as a regular contributor to their election coverage. Some of the smears are after the jump.

Last December, FOXNews.com wrote, "New questions are being raised about Huckabee's past." That was when he was, in their words, "explod(ing) in the polls." Now that he's no longer a candidate, I guess those questions don't matter any more.

Dennis Miller said Huckabee "taps into the Walter Brennan contingent." Was Miller lying or is that the desirable contingent for America's Election HQ?

Sean Hannity spent at least one Hannity & Colmes segment trying to push Huckabee out of the campaign altogether in order to help Mitt Romney defeat John McCain.

We know how well that worked.