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FOX News contributor Dick Morris Thinks Uninsured Americans Not A Big Problem

Reported by Ellen - June 13, 2008 -

Out of touch Dick Morris appeared on Hannity & Colmes last night (6/12/08) and pooh-poohed concerns about Americans without health insurance. According to Morris, out of the 47 million uninsured, 12 million are illegal aliens, a third qualify for Medicaid but “just don’t apply,” and of the remainder, their children are insured. According to Morris, Barack Obama wants to “distort our whole system to give federally subsidized health insurance to people that are here illegally.” With video

In his interview with Alan Colmes, Morris said, “We should not distort our whole system to give federally subsidized health insurance to people that are here illegally!”

Colmes replied that even if that means “only” 35 million are uninsured, “that’s still a pretty big number that Barack would do something about.”

“Well, a third of those are eligible for Medicaid, they just don’t apply. Of the remainder, their children are insured; they’re not,” Morris responded.

“I’m not sure about those numbers,” Colmes said.

Colmes had reason to doubt them. As I previously posted the last time Morris made this claim, the U.S. Census Bureau (See Table 6) reports that in 2005 and 2006, the number of “non-citizens” among the 45 million uninsured is 9 million. Presumably at least some of them are here legally.

As I also previously posted, there is nothing in Obama’s health care plan nor his immigration plan to indicate he intends to subsidize coverage for illegal immigrants.

Furthermore, Morris contradicted another assertion he made about uninsured Americans less than a year ago. In September, 2007, Morris said that of the approximately 50 million Americans who are uninsured, “Their median income per capita is higher than that of the American public. These are not poor people. Poor people are covered by Medicaid. Old people by Medicare. These are for the most part young, single people who don’t want health insurance and haven’t bought it because they don’t want it.”

Funny, he forgot about the illegal immigrants that time.