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FOX Friends drill, drill, drill on ANWR drilling

Reported by Chrish - June 13, 2008 -

FOX and Friends First continued the mantra of drill here, drill now today 6/12/08. (My cable was blown out yesterday so I can't confirm that it's a three-day run - but I'd bet.) They exaggerated the price of gas (as if it needs to be inflated any more to outrage people!) and offered McCain advice on how to flip-flop his no-drilling-in-ANWR stance and still look good.

As they did yesterday, the producers promoted petitions for drilling in ANWR by way of the lower third chyrons:




One gas station in NYC, ONE, has raised its price per gallon to $5.09, so that five dollars was referred to during the segment, although the national average is "only" $4.06.

Steve Doocy started the segment by citing the Wall Street Journal, owned by FOX News parent companyNews Corp but not identified as such. The WSJ editorial slammed Congress for trying measures such as suing OPEC and taxing oil company profits (which revenue would be used explicitly for alternative energy development, not mentioned), but not supporting drilling domestically. The chyron, as seen above, misled viewers to think that drilling domestically will lower gas prices.

Brian Kilmeade suggested that reversing and voting for drilling in ANWR can be excused from acusations of flip-flopping because they can say he never expected to see five dollar gas so soon. Doocy accused the Congress of ham-stringing the oil and gas industry with their NIMBY no-drilling on the coastal shelf rules, and said with high indignation that soon China will be drilling for oil in Cuban waters only 60 miles off the coast of Florida! Alisyn Camerota did note that even if Congress approved drilling in ANWR it would be ten years before we'd see that oil. But, said Kilmeade, the message would be sent to OPEC that we're doing it on our own, they're losing a valuable customer, we're going our own way.

We're not going too far, as estimates are that the oil available in ANWR would only last the USA, at current consumption rates, for at most fifteen years.

This has been a concerted effort to promote domestic drilling, between their story selection, graphics, talking points, sourcing, and repetition (appropriately here, they are drill, drill, drilling the message.)