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While Attacking Obama’s Credentials, Giuliani Inadvertently Casts Doubt On McCain’s, Too

Reported by Ellen - June 12, 2008 -

Rudolph Giuliani was the sole guest for a "fair and balanced" discussion about last night’s (6/11/08) top story on Hannity & Colmes, that a member of Barack Obama’s VP search team had resigned. It was obvious that Giuliani, a former GOP candidate now campaigning for John McCain, knew very little about the issue. Instead, Giuliani criticized Obama for not having enough experience. Giuliani repeatedly talked about the importance of executive experience as a critical qualification for being president. It seems he forgot that McCain had none, either. With video.

Despite Sean Hannity’s ceaseless and melodramatic Hanctimony over Obama’s associations, Hannity remains curiously unconcerned about Giuliani’s. Alan Colmes laudably mentioned Bernard Kerik, but it was in passing. “You had to defend yourself against Bernie Kerik,” Colmes said to Giuliani (though not on Hannity & Colmes did he have to). But neither the extent of Kerik’s wrongdoings nor the extent of Giuliani’s relationship were given to the “we report, you decide” network’s audience. So while we viewers have been endlessly subjected to speculation about the implications of Obama’s casual association with “unrepentant terrorist” William Ayers, Hannity & Colmes viewers have yet to hear about how Giuliani appointed a crook as police commissioner, recommended him to head the Department of Homeland Security, and was in business with him and a priest accused of sexually abusing children and helping to cover up other abuses.

Giuliani told Hannity, “I left my campaign and endorsed John (McCain) because I felt he was the right person to be president of the United States.”

Giuliani also said, “My big issue with Barack Obama is - and the one that I’m sure of... I don’t think he has the experience. I think that is patently clear.” Giuliani later said, “I think the legitimate issue is lack of experience. (Obama) does not have, in my view, the kind of experience you need to be president of the United States. He’s been in the Senate a very short period of time. He was state legislator before that. Never run a company. Never run a government agency. Has no executive experience.”

Colmes challenged Giuliani by pointing out that George W. Bush didn’t have much experience, that when he ran for president, Bush was a one and a half-term governor of a gubernatorially weak state, had lost a lot of money and ran companies that failed.

Giuliani answered, “He was governor of the second or third largest state in the country and one of the most complex states in which to get elected and to govern.”

Colmes replied, “Bush famously could not answer (where) Afghanistan was and a bunch of other things. He knew very little about foreign policy.”

Giuliani said, “But he had executive... The single most important thing that a president has to be able to do is make decisions, be able to know how to run a complex organization. Most people that run for president have that background and experience.”

Maybe most people but not McCain.