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Republicans going nasty on Michelle Obama would be a disaster for them, O'Reilly advises against it

Reported by Chrish - June 12, 2008 -

In his Talking Points Memo tonight 6/11/08 Bill O'Reilly advised the Republican Party to not go after Michelle Obama in the general election, not because he wants a clean and dignified process for his country but rather because it would backfire on them with moderates. He turned their rumored plans around to reflect poorly on Democrats, the "hateful" "vile" "farleft."

(I know, this is tiresome. But I'm just telling you what he says. Again.)

Independents will decide the "razor-thin" election and non-ideologues don't want attacks on a candidate's wife - unless she says something in public, then that's fair game. He reiterated the right-wing talking points, that she is "angry with America" and her "proud" quote, which was rightfully discussed. But 42% of Americas "still" have a negative opinion of her.

He veered off topic to say that the reason the left ("farleft loons") hasn't been able to win anything (Al Gore 2000; Congress 2006) is because they are hateful, vile people. Just check out DailyKos or Huffington Post; Air America is in bankruptcy because they pedaled hate 24/7. MSNBC is ranked 27th because some of their commentators are haters; my ratings are blah blah blah.

If the Republicans stoop to the level of the farleft haters and attack Michelle-O, the Republicans will lose.

Oh, I see the connection now. First he had to point out how lousy the left is to warn the right to not go there - even though the reports are that the right plans to go there first. Ironic that he attacks and namecalls as he warns his compadres not to, as it is a losing tactic.

He gave all his wisdom and winning advice to Republicans: they need to tap into anger over gas prices and "get on the side of the folks" by coming up with an energy plan. (Very big of him to admit that they are not currently on the folks' side.) His final words: "Leave the smears and the hatred to the farleft guttersnipes."

Sheesh. 3 farlefts, 5 variations of hate/haters, and one each vile loons and guttersnipes. O'Reilly, heal thyself!!