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Neil Cavuto Brings on a Parade of Clinton Supporters to Praise John McCain; Having Difficulty Finding Republicans Who Will Do So

Reported by Melanie - June 12, 2008 -

Beginning on May 30, four days before Barack Obama clinched the Democratic nomination, Neil Cavuto (Fox's "business news" anchor) began trotting out a parade of angry Clinton supporters who claim there is no way in hell they're going to vote for Barack Obama. It's a clever ploy because he can bash Obama and project an image of chaos in the Democratic party, while simultaneously giving the impression that John McCain is an attractive candidate — because he's having a hard time finding Republicans who think he is.

It all started with an appearance (May 30) by Cynthia Ruccia and Marilu Socher who claimed they were being "bullied by the DNC."

On Monday, June 1, the infamous Harriet Christian was on. You remember her:


The next day Geraldine Ferraro was on, saying that even if Obama named Clinton as his VP, that "wouldn't be sufficient for me."

On June 4 Cavuto hosted Cristi Atkins who was promoting her group, "Clintons for McCain." She seems to be a Fox fave.

Cavuto kicked off this week with Will Bower and Thuc Nyugen of "Party Unity My Ass," both of whom said they would vote for McCain

Yesterday, Diane Mantouvalos appeared in a segment captioned, "Clinton Supporters Still Not Buying Dean's 'Party Unity' Pitch," who said she is "entertaining the idea" of voting for McCain.

And today (June 12, 2008), Cavuto again hosted Marilu Socher. Socher is part of a group — "WomenForFairPolitics.com" — that recently met with the McCain camp. The chyron Fox aired during her segment read: "Is Clinton's Base Jumping to McCain?"

Socher said the DNC "pushed" her to this. As for McCain, she said, "You have to look beyond John McCain's positions [what, and on to the myth?]...he's a moderate Republican...and when you look deep down between the two candidates, that he's our only choice...we need a change...and when you put Senator Obama next to, oh, Senator McCain, there is no choice."

Meanwhile, during the same two week period, Cavuto has had scant Republicans on who support McCain. Three to be precise: Fred Thompson, T. Boone Pickins and Tom Tancredo. But if what Tancredo said yesterday is any indication, Cavuto should think twice before asking his Republican buds who they're going to vote for. Tancredo said yes, he would vote for McCain but, "that as far as it's going to go." There's a "difference between endorsing someone and voting for someone." "I can't get too excited about it other than to say the alternative is, is certainly worse."

Comment: So here you have a cadre of (mostly) women Clinton supporters praising John McCain and bashing Barack Obama, and a trickle of actual Republicans who support him, some with an utter lack of enthusiasm. It's one of the those up is down, down is up kinda deals. How ironic that the most fervent McCain supporters appearing thus far on Your World are Democrats. (If that's what they really are. Sometimes I wonder.)