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Morris and O'Reilly give their advise to McCain to boost Republican chances

Reported by Chrish - June 12, 2008 -

Dick Morris was the sole guest for tonight's Factor Top Story segment 6/11/08, to agree with Bill O'Reilly's assessment that the GOP has to lay off Michelle Obama (criticize but don't attack, "beat up" (more violent rhetoric)) if they have any hope of winning in November.

Morris harked back to (who else?) the Clintons in 1992, when Hillary was savaged and Bill was elected relatively unscathed. Don't make the same mistake, said Morris (in essence): "When you attack somebody's family, you're not attacking them, and going after the candidate is so much more important than attacking his dog."

Pardon me, but I do believe Mr. DotCom just compared Barack Obama's wife to his dog - whatever, right?

This time it was Morris who put them back on the topic du jour, gas prices. McCain needs to jump on this issue, recommended the man identified as a former Clinton adviser. The increase is not just the result of supply and demand, or oil company overcharging and price gouging, although they are both part of the problem. No, it's the speculators. O'Reilly asked rhetorically who's been saying that for the last six months? You're looking at him.

Bullsh*t alert: no, he hasn't. He's taken credit for bringing down prices (in 2005) with the threat of journalistic expose, (LOL), he's blamed overpaid oil fat cats and encouraged consumption reduction, and just this past week blamed OPEC (Saudi Arabia in particular) for gouging the US to bring us to our knees economically. But excessive speculation? The last six months? Stop, drop and roll, Bill, 'cause your pants are on fire.

Continuing their concern over Republicans getting "killed" in November, the pair agreed that Republicans are perceived to be on the side of big oil, especially after filibustering a vote on a bill in the Senate yestrday that would have increased the margin on oil futures, ostensibly because the bill would also have increased windfall profit taxes on big oil (and required that the taxes generated be invested in alternative energy development). They're playing it wrong, said Morris.

McCain needs to go after the speculators (who mostly give to Democrats). O'Reilly worried that the folks won't understand this issue, but for $4/gallon, said Morris, they'll pay attention - and he happens to have a new book coming out that lays it all out. So, said O'Reilly, besides going after speculators (to get on the folks' good side) McCain also needs to go after OPEC and get into flex-fuel vehicles and all that.

They did mention Barack Obama briefly, O'Reilly summing up the Jim Johnson story and Morris adding that another VP-vetter may have to go too because of connections to Marc Rich. They finished by summing up Republican strategy: lay off Michelle Obama and get on the folks' good side by going after the speculators.

Mr. Independent just let it all hang out on this one.