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Neil Cavuto Teaches Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) That Facts Aren't Welcome on His Show

Reported by Melanie - June 11, 2008 -

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) was a guest today (June 11, 2008) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Blumenauer was on to discuss, per the chyron, "Dems Block GOP Amendment to Drill Offshore for Oil." Blumenauer followed John Peterson (R-PA) who appeared to discuss (also per the chyron), "Dems Block GOP Effort to Drill for Oil off U.S. Coast." Far be it for one of Cavuto's guests to try to talk about facts, especially if they make Republicans look bad. I doubt Blumenauer will be back because Cavuto seems to have taught him that Fox isn't the place for such honesty.

The piece was clearly an ambush piece because right out of the gate Cavuto tried to pin Blumenauer down as to whether he was in favor of offshore drilling. Blumenauer immediately pointed out that, (1) 68 million offshore acres (the size of Illinois and Georgia combined) are already available to the oil companies for oil exploration that, "they are not using." "They want more." (2) The Republican governors of Florida and California are opposed to offshore drilling and they stand in the way of expansion. And (3), as far as oil prices go, in 2001, the Republican-led congress passed the "Enron loophole" which "exempts the energy trading market from the oversight of the commodities" regulators.

While Blumenauer was making these points, in between Cavuto's relentless interruptions and shouts, Cavuto, refusing to discuss them of course, couldn't get off repeatedly hammering Blumenauer about whether he was in favor of offshore drilling, period. Blumenauer didn't answer (that point seems irrelevant anyway (aside from its use as GOP "political nonsense" and "a political talking point" (see below for source of quote)) given the 68 million acres that are waiting to be explored right now) but Cavuto's ambush was successful, and the segment was successful, because it made Democrats look like they are "blocking" offshore drilling, period. Thus, they're responsible for our $4.04 a gallon gas — the theme of this show since last week. (I dare Cavuto to haul oil company execs on and ask them when the hell they're going to start checking out those 68 million acres.)

Watch, below, how Cavuto treats Blumenauer (this is roughly the last half of the segment). My favorite line from Cavuto (this coming from Fox, mind you): "I am not going to play the political nonsense game...you have got to get off your political talking points!"

Rounding these two, top-of-the-show segments out (Fox choreographed the three of them like a propaganda ballet), came one featuring Mitch McDonnell (R-KY) titled, "Are Dems Trying to Paint GOP As Obstructionists on Oil?" The answer of course was yes. McDonnell's main point? "We will block things that make the energy issue worse." (Of course, the Republicans who bookended Blumenauer's segment were allowed to speak essentially without interruption.)

Comment: As is so often the case with Fox, you don't know whether to laugh or cry when you see this kind of hardcore spin because you and I are the losers — we aren't being INFORMED of the FACTS.

UPDATE: Oops. I forgot to add that near the end of his show - bookending the bookends that bookended Blumeauer's segment and to solidify the propaganda - Cavuto hosted Tom Tancredo (R-CO). (Yet another "R.") The topic? Tancredo's "Fuel Freedom Act." Republicans came out of this hour lookin' goooooood!