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Hume and The Weekly Standard – Joined At The Hip

Reported by Priscilla - June 11, 2008 -

In researching the content of one of the articles on last night’s (June 10th) Special Report “Grapevine,” I first “did the google” for the Weekly Standard which Fox viewers don’t know is owned by the same parent company as Fox News. As part of the Murdoch empire, its function is to spread the right wing, neo-con gospel to the dwindling number of those who still subscribe to that ideology. Thus, I wasn’t surprised to find that the top grape (more like a raisin) on the vine was taken, almost verbatim, from an article in the latest Weekly Standard which, of course, would be “fair and balanced,” wink, wink.

The topic of the lead off piece was about Joe Lieberman’s “unusually strong denial” of “an account in Newsweek magazine about an alleged encounter between the senator and Barack Obama.” Hume then stated that the Newsweek article was about Obama’s “perceived problems with the Jewish community” which cited an Obama aide who “says, ‘Obama told Lieberman he was surprised by Lieberman’s personal attacks and his half-hearted denials of the false rumors that Obama is a Muslim’." According to Hume, “Lieberman wants a correction and his spokesman Marshall Wittman tells FOX News the account is "entirely false and fabricated." A senior aide adds, ‘If the Obama campaign thinks they are going to intimidate Joe Lieberman with these sleazy tactics then they are sorely mistaken'."

Comment: So not only does Lieberman have the Weekly Standard behind him; but he has Fox News, too. As the Church Lady would say, “Isn’t that special.” Naturally, Hume doesn’t provide any context for the encounter; but thanks to Jake Tapper, it is apparent that prior to the conversation, Lieberman (who sought Obama’s endorsement in 2006) “had just minutes before hammered Obama's speech before the pro-Israel group AIPAC in a conference call arranged by the McCain campaign.” According to Tapper, Democratic sources also said that Obama “discussed how far Lieberman is willing to go in his advocacy of McCain, and the tone of the campaign.” Perhaps Hume might be willing to do a “Grapevine” picking about how 15% of Americans still think that Obama is a Muslim and that this stinking thinking is aided and abetted by the sleazy, bigoted right wing and their viral, lying e-mails. Nope, I don’t think that Fox would tackle this one because they wouldn’t want to offend their audience.