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FOX News Gives Crackpot Clinton Fan Undeserved Credibility Because She’s Now Supporting McCain

Reported by Ellen - June 11, 2008 -

Hannity & Colmes hosted crackpot Cristi Adkins, a die-hard Hillary Clinton fan who is now supporting John McCain. Adkins’ website makes the outlandish accusation that Obama is “the home-grown terrorist sleeper cell.” But FOX News treated her like a credible guest (though both hosts seemed at least a tad incredulous about her) and seemed to take her word that she represented millions of Americans. UPDATE: Adkins' website is very likely owned by RNC. With video.

Adkins said she was there as part of some coalition called, “Just Say No Deal.” The website states: “We are a coalition of millions with one thing in common: NObama.” According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Adkins is making the rounds on political TV shows, asking other Clinton backers to pledge money and time to defeat Obama.

Adkins reiterated on the air, without being challenged, the dubious claim that her coalition represents millions. If website visits are any guide, she was way off base. As this Alexa graph shows, justsaynodeal.com doesn’t even appear on a graph comparing traffic on our site (and our visits are in the thousands) to theirs. Adkins' own site, clintons4mccain.com, barely makes it into the graph.

But FOX News apparently swallowed her line. Without providing any further verification, lower third banners boosted her stature by stating: “Clinton supporters say ‘No Deal’ To Backing Obama,” and “Clinton supporters rally to back McCain over Obama,” giving her more significance than she likely deserved.

Despite the website claim that “NObama” is the one thing the “Just Say No Deal” coalition has in common, Adkins told Hannity & Colmes that their one message is not to elect McCain but, as she put it, “We will not allow Hollywood and leftwing news nut media to determine our next president.”

She went on to laud Sean Hannity’s and FOX News’ attacks on Obama. “Listen to me right here and right now... You were the only one that DID vet this man who has become a candidate with no experience, as far as a lot of members in our group are concerned, and it really goes on down to judgment and character.” She added that it was “a stinky day in politics when Clinton supporters like Sean Hannity.”

Hannity ate it up, of course, but it was clear from his tone that he was not fully persuaded of her legimitacy.

Adkins went on to say that she still thinks Clinton can win. “Call me crazy,” she said. Which seemed to me the one thing she said that was believable.

Alan Colmes noted that abortion is one of many “diametrically opposed views” that McCain has to Clinton, and asked Adkins, “How do you make that leap?”

“The bridge to McCain is a lot closer than the radical gap to Senator Obama,” Adkins claimed. “Do not hold Roe v. Wade over our heads because if the best thing that these boys in Washington can do for us is Roe v. Wade, I think you need to go back to the drawing board.”

Colmes, a Clinton supporter himself, pointed out that Roe v. Wade is “emblematic of the kind of justices McCain would appoint to the Supreme Court, radically different, if you want to use the “r” word for radical, than the kind of people Hillary Clinton would support to the Supreme Court.” Colmes added that Obama’s appointments would be much closer to Clinton’s than McCain’s would be. “So to make that radical leap, there’s that word again, to the right, to John McCain, if you were a Clinton supporter, makes no sense.”

Adkins stared dully into the camera and shook her head. Obviously, Supreme Court appointments are no biggie to her. She responded, “Keep in mind, at my website (she gave a plug), I looked at the character of the candidates. And quite frankly, John McCain is a maverick. He’s a fighter. He’s scrappy and I like that.”

Nobody asked her if the John McCain campaign has reached out to her organization but I suspect he'll want nothing to do with her. My money says this woman’s 15 minutes of fame are up. Even on FOX News.

UPDATE: Thanks to an anoynmous commenter, we have discovered that "www.adkinsformccain.com" is registered to the Republican National Committee, as per Register.com. The registration for adkins4mccain.com (with a numeral instead of the word) is listed as "private." Adkins' claim that she is just a private citizen is quite suspect.