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Clinton Vampires, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers, Emerge For Another Feeding

Reported by Deborah - June 10, 2008 -

Aging Clinton vampires, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers, have emerged from the darkness for another feeding but this time they're working together. Paula Jones appeared on Fox Election HQ today, (June 10, 2008) to tell Megyn Kelly all about their new website offering sleazy video chats about Bill Clinton for $1.99. (This is not a spoof)

It's hard to believe but FOX News showed a clip of Paula Jones in one of $1.99 verbal peep shows, saying, " He asked me if I wanted to kiss it." Kelly remarked that she had to laugh asking Jones if she was aiming for humor. Jones came back with a really vile and obviously rehearsed line.
"He stuck it out there for us to look at it."

Kelly, beginning to get grossed out, asked her " Why now?" Jones claimed it was a way to get their stories out noting that Flowers contacted her. Kelly, now annoyed, asked why people couldn't just look at the legal papers on the case. " Its nothing disgusting or nasty",Jones insisted.

When Kelly suggested that some might see it as "classless", Jones played the victim claiming she was a "working mother" and the lawyers got most of the original settlement of $850,000. Kelly, now obviously disgusted, asked how her children felt about it?

Jones appeared on FOX News with Hannity in 2005 on the eve of Bill Clinton's heart surgery. She was involved in some scummy short lived show about lie detectors. Her material was exactly the same.

If you are curious about the website, please do your own research. It should be easy to find.