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Bill O'Reilly Really Mad After Ambush Crew Confronted At National Conference For Media Reform

Reported by Deborah - June 9, 2008 -

On Thursday, 6/5/08, Bill O'Reilly announced his plans to send his ambush crew to Minneapolis to ambush Dan Rather. Is it possible that O'Reilly didn't conclude that his on air bravado would tip off the people attending the conference? Robert Greenwald confronted them directly after catching them lurking by the exit hoping to find an inflammatory tidbit to use on tonight's O'Reilly Factor. Faithful Factor producer and ambush slave, Porter Berry, endured an uncomfortable face to face with Bill Moyers who tried to show him what it feels like to be ambushed. Tonight, 6/9/08, Bill O'Reilly sought revenge with the help of Juan Williams and Mary Katherine Ham.

O'Reilly used all his ammunition for this revenge segment.George Soros, name calling, fear mongering, distortion, and a slight dash of victimization."I'm public enemy number one", he proclaimed, acting as if he had never done anything to alienate progressives.

He even included Robert Greenwald in his inflammatory montage something he usually avoids but didn't have the guts to put OUTFOXED under Greenwald, instead using one of the older movies, Xanadu as an identifier.

BOR, so desperate to make the conference seem radical, claimed the crew felt they were in physical danger. That was funny enough but then he asked seriously, " Are these just loons to be ignored?" He, of course, concluded they are a threat and later threw out the good old fascist label.

comment: Mary Katherine Ham went above and beyond in this segment and Juan Williams may need an intervention before long. Considering his crew was there for a day and a half, BOR's point was not made by the material they brought back. News Hounds attended the conference a few years ago and it was more sedate than loony.