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Mark Williams Insults American Women On Fox News

Reported by Priscilla - June 7, 2008 -

During the 4PM Election Headquarters program, Julie Banderas interviewed right wing radio talk show host Mark Williams and liberal journalist and author Bill Press about a number of issues including whether Barack Obama will pick Hillary Clinton for vice president. Williams said that it will be difficult for Obama because of the "vast number of torqued off Hildabeasts." This comment clearly demonstrated the kind of misogyny that the Clinton supporters are "torqued off" about. But then, this type of personal insult is not considered a problem on Fox News where "conservatives" are given carte blanche to level personal attacks on a daily basis. Although I did not support Senator Clinton's candidacy, I was (as a woman) personally offended by this comment. Senator Clinton showed that American girls can someday aspire to be president; and as such, they don't have to tolerate sexist crap. I don't know if Mr. Williams will be reading this; but if he is, he owes the vast number of American women who voted for Senator Clinton - and those who didn't - an apology.