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Fox News Transcripts Courtesy Of Your Tax Dollars

Reported by Priscilla - June 7, 2008 -

Thursday’s (June 5th) Fox Special Report panel discussion was a classic example of just one side of the story. In this case, it was about the Republican assertion that the Democrats are not doing enough to deal with rising oil prices. Hume began the discussion with a video of bloviation from House Republican Whip, Roy Blunt saying that “all these renewables, I’m for all of that, but that does not make any short-term difference. And we have significant resources of our own we ought to be going after and Republicans are willing to do that, and Democrats are not.” Not surprisingly, there was no Democratic rebuttal; but rather, Hume’s comment to the panel, "And with that message, Republicans in the House of Representatives have been pounding away at the Democrats for some time on the issue of gasoline prices with a string of press releases, press conferences like the one you saw, Congressman Blunt speaking at just now and of course the central to the argument is this whole question of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, among other places, and the Republicans say they are for it. Democrats say they’re against it. The polling on it Fred, seems to have changed on this issue.” (Comment: “Pounding” with press releases and press conferences – now that’s mighty strong stuff and sure to win hearts and minds.)

Fred Barnes on cue, responded with a statistic about American support for domestic drilling as 60%. Not surprisingly, he didn’t source this figure and went on to blither about how “domestic” would include ANWR: “It shows that nearly 60 percent of Americans now favor domestic oil drilling, both offshore and in federally-owned lands, which I think ANWR is certainly one. They favor that.” I was curious about this stat and in googling the appropriate parameters for a search, “Barnes, 60%, domestic drilling,” I came up with the transcript for the discussion and it wasn’t Fox News. Imagine my surprise when I found the transcript on the Congressional Web page of House Minority Leader John Boehner. There it was in all its glory with a brief introduction including a mention of Fox News in the title:

"Fox News Report Highlights House Republicans' Efforts to Help Lower Gasoline Prices
Barnes: Democrats "Haven't Produced ... a Plan, and Gas Prices Have Risen, and Republicans Have a Solution"

Boehner then mentioned the "comprehensive" Republican plan and referred his dear readers over to the ultimate arbiter of republican truth, justice, and the American way, Fox News:

"As Republicans head back to their districts this weekend to promote their plan, FOX News’ Special Report with Brit Hume this evening highlighted the soaring cost of gasoline, the political heat congressional Democrats are feeling as a result, and the House GOP’s plan to bring down energy costs. Video and a transcript of commentator Fred Barnes’ analysis of the issue follow"

Comment: Verrrrry interesting as this does seem to show less than six degrees of separation between the Minority Leader’s Office and Fox News. Could this be because Fox “just happened” to do a piece which supports the position of the GOP? Hmmm…..Obviously, as this is just one item, I can’t claim a trend; but I will now be checking Boehner’s website frequently for more evidence of that rumored incestuous relationship between Fox and the RNC. In the interests of “fair and balanced,” will Boehner be posting commentary from MSNBC or CNN – inquiring minds want to know. Oh yes – one more thing. According to a recent Washington CBS NY Times poll, 57 percent of those polled oppose drillling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, while 39 percent support drilling. The poll ,that might have been cited by Barnes (which shows a 69% support figure), is from American Solutions For Winning the Future, a 527 which was created by Republican Newt Gingrich. As the “Church Lady” would say, “now isn’t that special.” Anyway, your tax dollars at work, folks.