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One From Hume’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Reported by Priscilla - June 6, 2008 -

As we know, Fox news stories are frequently done with the intent to convey a right wing talking point. Last night’s (June 5th) Special Report was a little strange; as it wasn’t clear to me what the message, in one of the news stories, really was.

Campaign Carl Cameron did a piece on how McCain is attempting to court disgruntled Hillary supporters, especially white women and white blue collar workers. Cameron referenced a website, set up by one such Hillary supporter, Ed Hale, who is supporting a McCain presidency. Hale calls his group the National Organization of Hillary Clinton supporters for John McCain. Cameron did not mention that the website clearly states that the site is not “connected to” or “endorsed by” either Clinton or McCain. Cameron did show selected video which showed a clip of Rev. Wright (seemingly perfunctory for all Fox news shows) and Michelle Obama saying that her husband, as a black man, could be shot. Cameron then played, as an example of Democratic unrest, the now classic video of Harriet Christian’s (a new Fox fave) outburst. (Comment: Jon Stewart’s take on Harriett was amusing – “Hi, grandma, see you at next year’s Passover.”) Following these clips, Cameron then showed a clip of John McCain stating that he would not tolerate negative character attacks on Obama. (Comment: unlike Fox News)

Comment: First – about the website. In a nutshell – bizarre. Now about Ed Hale. Despite his contention that he was a lifelong Democrat, there is no history of involvement or contributions other than his listing as a delegate to the Texas Democratic Party convention which is being held this weekend. But this leaves me with the question of the point of the “report.” Was it done to show that the Democratic Party is in disarray? Was it done to show that vast numbers of disgruntled Clinton supporters are supporting McCain? Or was it done to show that disgruntled Clinton supporters are – uh – a little strange? It was odd. I report, you decide