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Neil Cavuto Presents "Proof" That Oil Companies Are Not to Blame for High Gas Prices

Reported by Melanie - June 6, 2008 -

Fox News claims that Your World w/Neil Cavuto is a business news show. It pushes that every day. For example, when Studio B's Shepard Smith signed off this afternoon (June 6, 2008) he said, "Of course, the next hour, all business, and the business is rough today. Neil Cavuto is the best in the business and he starts our coverage right now."

Enter Mr. All Business, who opened with a report about gas prices (oil increased by the biggest daily dollar amount in the history of the planet today) and a 394.64 point drop in the Dow. Next came radio talk show guy Mike Papantonio who argued that the oil companies should have anticipated the crunch we're in now, and on behalf of a windfall profits tax. He and Cavuto argued talked for eight - that would be eight - minutes.

Meanwhile, what role did Mr. Best in the Business play in the discussion? He argued the point of the chyron pictured below (as well as drill, drill, drill):


In other words, since India doesn't get any of its oil from the United States, the fact that it is experiencing record high gas prices just like we are is "proof" that US oil companies "are not the bad guys."

It was absolutely absurd, of course, but this would be an example of "business news," a la Fox.