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What goes up must be brought down

Reported by Chrish - June 5, 2008 -

Yesterday morning's FOX and Friends featured yet another segment bashing competitor MSNBC and its sister company NBC. Steve Doocy, "speaking of show business" following an embarrassing segment with his and Brian Kilmeade's heads photoshopped onto pictures of Angelina Jolie's and Brad Pitt's babies, accused the companies of blurring the lines between hard news and commentary in their election coverage (much like FOX does when Brit Hume switches chairs, or Chris Wallace and Sean Hannity host post-primary analysis, no?)
With video.

Steve Doocy posited that Keith Olbermann (by name!!) is "the face of NBC News,"
the first but not last time he conflates MSNBC cable with its sister broadcast network, and says newsmen Brian Williams, Tim Russert, and Tom Brokaw (hellooo, he's retiiiired) are playing second bananas to him. Alisyn Camerota admitted to tuning in MSNBC Tuesday night to "watch their body language," not their election coverage, and pronounced Chris Matthews and KO "awkward" with each other, because they don't like each other.

Kilmeade feigned sympathy for Tim Russert, for having to take questions from "a Daily Kos blogger," (KO), "as far left as you can go." Doocy elaborated and mischaracterized Olbermann's role, calling him "the guy who is heading up NBC News, who is clearly an activist; if he's blogging for this farleft blog, clearly he's an activist..." and asked if that's what NBC has become?

Playing the role of reasonable was Alisyn Camerota, who said MSNBC is different from NBC, "in their minds," but obviously the lines are blurred because there's so much crossover between the talent.

It's amazing to watch the indignation and hypocrisy. From 6:00 to 6:30 pm weekdays Brit Hume is an "objective" anchor. At 6:30 he's the town gossip ("Grapevine") with tidbits that tend to leave out salient facts, and right after that he moderates an unbalanced panel. On FOX News Sundays he IS a panelist and debates current news items with three other "pundits."
Chris Wallace, host of FNS and put forth as an objective newsman also, appears regularly on FOX and Friends to promote his upcoming program and comment on news items.

Keith Olbermann:MSNBC as Bill O'Reilly:FNC. O'Reilly is regularly touted as the most famous name in news, number one show on FOX "News," but he himself says he is paid to give opinions (in the "no-spin zone;" that alone makes me dizzy.) If "NBC (has gone) far left" as the chyrons proclaim, it stands to reason that FOX is far right, if their "stars" are the only indication. Of course we have tons more evidence that FOX is far right, but please don't confuse FOX with facts. They can't even tell a broadcast network and its news personnel from a commentator on a cable network.

Olbermann's ratings are rising, which is galling to FNC in general and O'Reilly in particular, so the tearing down will continue.

And if you MUST see the subject of the earlier segment:



FOX has blurred the lines of journalism so far that it's just all infotainment, including tripe like this in a "news" program on a "news" network; they should be the last people to cast stones