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O'Reilly Talking down a Clinton vice-presidency

Reported by Chrish - June 5, 2008 -

In his Talking Points Memo last night 6/4/08, Bill O'Reilly put forth that Hillary Clinton, having come up short for the presidential nomination, has told confidantes that she is now angling for the Vice-presidential position. But why would she want that powerless job? I guess we should ask Dick Cheney.

O'Reilly enumerated all the reasons she should not pursue that position: no power attached, and no way Obama would give her a seat at the table. He repeated the Bob Novak rumor that the Obamas don't like or trust the Clintons, and then reiterated that she would not be a player in an Obama administration.

"Talking Points" can only surmise that she wants to hang in in case "all hell breaks loose in the Obama camp this summer" (although the graphic text, the script that will actually appear on the website later today, prudishly read "heck"); they want to see hang around and what goes down. O'Reilly asserted that there is no other rational explanation, insisting she would be much more powerful as a NY Senator than as Vice-president "running around to funerals all over the world."

Jimmy Carter, who is regularly beat up on FOX News, was cited as saying that choosing Hillary for VP would be the worst mistake Obama could possibly make because of her high negatives. Note that when it suits their storyline, an "adversary" can and will be used to reinforce an agenda item; O'Reilly cites the New York Times on occasion when he's not braying about how liberal they are.

This segment is so aptly (and blatantly) named. The talking points resurfaced throughout other discussions during the show, with Dick Morris and Dennis Miller. Fair and balanced, ayuh.