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First "verbal rape," now Hillary "worked over by her husband," "brutalized"

Reported by Chrish - June 5, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly's use of the term "verbal rape" to describe tough interviews of Scott McClellan was unsettling. It's not the first time in recent memory he's raised the spectre of violence, alluding numerous times to riots in Denver if Obama doesn't get the nomination (although he had a supreme hissy fit when Clinton dared mention Robert Kennedy's assassination as an historical reference.)

When O'Reilly sics his producers on someone in education or rants about a judge's decision with which he disagrees, his followers take up the call quickly and bombard the victim with emails and phone calls, some of them threatening . So it's no small matter that his verbiage and the imagery he invokes is getting increasingly violent.

After posting the article by Jon noting the offensive characterization of the verbal scolding, I noticed that the next two posts right here, unbeknownst and uncoordinated, both recognized a thread of violence: Brit Hume: "African-American and Radical Could Be Lethal" and Neil Cavuto Sets Aside His Concern that John McCain Might "Snap" and have a "Norman Bates" Moment. So I listened for violent talk at the top of the O'Reilly Factor, and sure enough, there it was.

In Talking Points memo, O'Reilly started out mildly, refering to "the first duel" between McCain and Obama. The rhetoric got ramped up in the "Top Story" as he hosted Margaret Hoover and Monica Crowley to discuss the possibility of "gender war" if Clinton does not get the VP nod. (Note that the "top story," his title not mine, is not news at all but pure speculation and opinion. "Only facts"? I don't think so.)

After first asking Hoover to choose from only two options should Clinton not get the spot - will HRC supporters stay home or vote for McCain? ignoring #3, will they vote for Obama anyway? - he turned to Crowley and gave her the same choices. Crowley, on O'Reilly's page, said essentially that women voters identify strongly with Clinton . She didn't answer the question (which, if she were a liberal, would bring the wrath o'Reilly upon her head) and O'Reilly elaborated on her comments: "So women are identifying with Hillary Clinton who's gotten, y'know, worked over by her husband, and brutalized by many males in the press,..." and concluded they identified with that treatment.

As FOX and gang see Democrats rally around their candidate, the divisiveness they thrive on will once again be between Republicans and Democrats. Let's hope this ramped up rhetoric doesn't give the far right (aka FOX News' audience) any ideas.