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Brit Hume: "African-American and Radical Could Be Lethal"

Reported by Deborah - June 5, 2008 -

Yesterday on FOX Election HQ, 6/04/08, Brit Hume appeared to answer a FOX favorite, "Is America ready for an African-American president?" Hume, obviously not interested in healing the wounds FOX has carefully nurtured during this primary, concluded that Barack Obama's chances were slim because " African-American and radical, that could be is lethal."

Hume, the wise elder on FOX HQ, told Hemmer that "broadly speaking" America is ready for an African-American president noting that Obama has a lot of the qualities the country wants adding that there is a big problem. Because of his associations, Hume continued, there's a "hint of radicalism". His next comment was a distortion bordering on a bold faced lie. Hume claimed that Obama said he disassociated himself from the Trinity Church "which he has not done."

Hemmer helped Hume along asking the wise one why he thought Obama had done so well in Iowa and then so badly in South Dakota.. Hume replied that he had been "clearly tarnished" by Jeremiah Wright. ( I guess Hume and FOX News had nothing to do with it)

Hume concluded, "People may get past it but ask this question. Would Colin Powell have trouble in this region? African-American and radical, that could be lethal."