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Bill O'Reilly Sends Ambush Gang To National Conference for Media Reform

Reported by Deborah - June 5, 2008 -

If you're planning to attend the National Conference for Media Reform this weekend in Minneapolis, watch out for Bill O'Reilly's producer and ambush slave, Porter Berry. Bill O'Reilly told Bernie Goldberg tonight, (June 5, 2008), that Dan Rather is in Minnesota this weekend with the crazy far left bragging that he'll have video to show on Monday.

After O'Reilly fished for compliments on his McClellan interview, Bernie Goldberg compared his style to Dan Rather's. BOR told Goldberg he had been right about Dan Rather being far left because he was in Minnesota this weekend with the farthest left people in the universe."These people are crazy! Real nuts!" It's hard to believe that Jane Hall actually teaches journalism at American University because she offered no defense simply saying it was a group about media consolidation and very political.

Here's a list of the speakers at the conference. Can't wait to see Bill-O's spin on Monday.