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Neil Cavuto Wants "the Media" to Stop Already - Before Barack Obama is Crowned "the Next Jesus"

Reported by Melanie - June 4, 2008 -

Despite the fact that Barack Obama clinched the Democratic presidential nomination less than 24-hours ago, the first black man in the history of the United States to do so, Neil Cavuto wants "the media" to stop "fawning" over him because it's "unfair" to John McCain (poor baby).

Democratic strategist and Obama supporter Malia Lazu was Cavuto's guest for the segment which was captioned, "Press Fawning Over Obama; Unfair to McCain?" (Yep, it had one of those funny Cavuto exclamation marks at the end.)

Cavuto opened by showing the cover of two newspapers — one, the New York Post ("DESTINY - Obama Clinches Historic Nomination"), owned by Cavuto's boss, Rupert Murdoch, and two, the London Independent ("Now, Bring on McCain"). Then Cavuto was off: "Man oh man. I mean, this borders on sycophantish, doesn't it?"

Lazu repeated throughout that this is an historic moment, "He is the first black man to be a nominee." "He just became the nominee yesterday!" And, "This is new Neil and it can't die after a day!" Cavuto's response? "Great. End it. Stop it. Be done!"

And there's more. Cavuto complained that there was "no reference made about the oldest, the oldest guy ever running for president and defying a lot of odds and odds-makers." The "fact of the matter is, Obama is getting fawning praise in the media and John McCain is always the old war horse."

Actually Neil, McCain got a lot of media attention today, but it's not the kind you will ever talk about.

Cavuto said it's one thing for a singer on American Idol (also owned by Murdoch) to get this kind of attention but, "I thought we had tougher standards. I think we need to step back a little bit before we crown him the next Jesus." McCain is "the old white guy," the "old fart, and the other is the young, new flavor."

As if to put the kibosh on any positive feelings about Obama that his audience might have gotten during the segment, Cavuto ended with a FOX NEWS ALERT and said, "Speaking of Barack Obama," we're waiting to hear the verdict in the corruption trial of Tony Rezko.

Comment: If the tables were turned and the GOP just nominated the first black presidential candidate in U.S. history, Cavuto would have devoted his entire show to it.