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Megyn Kelly Needs To Keep The Drama Going on America's Election HQ

Reported by Deborah - June 4, 2008 -

Megyn Kelly could barely spit out the words "presumptive nominee" without sneering today on FOX Election HQ (June 4, 2008) She knows her rising stardom depends on keeping the Democratic primary drama, between Clinton and Obama, going as long as possible and sure gave it her best shot today.

Kelly went right to Major Garrett, reporting on APAC, for some speculation about Clinton. "Behind the scenes did you run into the woman who still hasn't conceded?" Sadly for Megyn, Garrett offered no dirt or speculation delivering a standard report.

She tried again with Adam Smith asking him about Lanny Davis' assertion that the Obama campaign is angry at Hillary Clinton because she didn't congratulate him in her speech last night. Smith, amazed, flatly denied the charge. Kelly, all huffy, shot back, " Lanny said it was a senior Obama adviser whose name we would recognize." ( Only FOX News would consider that a credible source) Smith almost laughed in her face.

Next try was with Jehmu Greene asking if Hillary Clinton as VP would "upstage" Barack Obama. This didn't work out either since Greene insisted both appealed to different voters making it a good combination.

She finally got a little action from Kirsten Powers taking about the angry Clinton supporters who claim that Obama benefited from the sexism they claim sunk the Clinton campaign. Powers did not agree with them but thought he probably did benefit suggesting that he come out and denounce the sexism in the media against Clinton. Short clips were shown of Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson but nobody from FOX. Megan brightened up asking " How much are they holding the "sweetie" comment against him?"

Kelly may soon be forced to cover the issues and John McCain since Clinton plans to endorse Obama and call for party unity on Saturday. Poor Megyn.