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Bill O'Reilly Accepts Pink Brick Award With Discomfort

Reported by Deborah - June 4, 2008 -

Tonight, (June 4, 2008), Bill O'Reilly accepted the Pink Brick Award from Mikayla Connell, president of the Board of the San Francisco Pride. O'Reilly, looking very uncomfortable, almost allowed Connell to speak her mind but assumed a defensive posture quite quickly. Mikayla Connell handled the situation masterfully forcing BOR to admit she was not a "pinhead'.

O'Reilly earned the dubious award for his sensational and profoundly distorted story about lesbian gangs roaming the streets and threatening the country which he promoted last summer, 2007. Here's Connell's account.

"While there have been numerous incidents over the past year where Mr. O'Reilly has attempted to provide a misleading impression of the LGBT community, one has stood out as particularly contentious among media analysts, bloggers, and others: on June 21, 2007, Mr. O'Reilly attempted to relate an attack on a man by a group of women as proof of some imagined national surge in 'lesbian gangs,'" Connell said.

O'Reilly defended himself by blaming Rod Wheeler and then claimed it happened six years ago suggesting that he had evolved since then. Here's the News Hounds account from last July. O'Reilly dismissed it acting as if he behaved responsibly and was blameless.

Then Connell related a recent segment about the California legalization of Gay Marriage where Megyn Kelly misrepresented the content of the ruling. O'Reilly balked that it was Kelly's opinion. Connell eloquently shot him down with, " These people are on your show. You don't correct them."

BOR reached his limit and went on the attack. He claimed the award was given because he had embarrassed her with the story about members of her community dressing as nuns and entering the church for communion.

Connell continued with J.K. Rowling and BOR's on air disapproval when she outed a Harry Potter character. He dodged responsibility on that one too and returned to the attack about the "invasion" of the church in San Francisco. Connell remained cool and completely unfazed throughout the segment and actually got him to withdraw the "pinhead" label.

Since Mikayla Connell didn't have enough time to explore all the reasons to bestow this well deserved embarrassment on Bill O'Reilly, I thought News Hounds could help out.

In April of this year, BOR accused Rosie O'Donnell of trying to "mainstream the gay lifestyle". Unaware that it has been considered mainstream by everyone but Bill O'Reilly fans, he acted as if her family cruise was some subversive plot.

This segment was especially bizarre and obnoxious. BOR allowed Jim Naugle to come on and completely trash the entire gay community in Fort Lauderdale.

Here's the all time worst example from last summer. BOR devoted his TPM to outrage over allowing families to watch a Padres game on a promotional night for the gay community in San Diego.

There are many more but I think it's safe to conclude that the Pink Brick Award definitely went to the right person tonight.