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Harriet Christian, the Factually-Challenged, Crazed Hillary Clinton Supporter — and YouTube Star-of-the Day — Appears on Fox "Business News"

Reported by Melanie - June 3, 2008 -

Harriet Christian, the sad, misinformed Cinton supporter who ranted and raved on Saturday (you probably saw or heard her — Fox can't get enough) after the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee didn't do what she wanted, was a guest on Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Fox's "premiere business news" show yesterday (June 2, 2008).

Cavuto, the head "business news" honcho at News Corp., has hosted a string of guests of late who claim that, this side of Hillary's nomination, they're going to vote for John McCain, NO MATTER WHAT!

Nothing could make Cavuto happier than to use people like Christian to make Democrats look positively awful.

My fave Christian quotes?

"I worked for civil rights...99% [of African-Americans] are voting primarily because he is a black candidate...he hasn't made any statements about what he's going to do...he worked in the south-side of Chicago...eliminating asbestos which he never eliminated from low-income housing...I am the farthest thing from a racist." I would "absolutely" feel better having John McCain in the White House.

Here's the video. (Notice that in a segment featuring one guest, Fox used the plural: Clinton supportERS.)