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Geraldine Ferraro Looks Sexist Extraordinaire Neil Cavuto Straight in the Eye and Says, as Far as Sexism Goes, Fox is the "Darling" of the Media — "Fair and Balanced" Too

Reported by Melanie - June 3, 2008 -

Geraldine Ferraro was a guest today (June 3, 2008) on Fox's "business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Cavuto was continuing his current meme (here and here) of showcasing furious white women who are so angry at Barack Obama that they insist they're going to vote for John McCain. (Ferraro didn't go that far per se but when asked how she would feel if Hillary was "on the ticket" as VP, she said, "I don't think that would be sufficient for me.")

Ferraro is angry about the racism and sexism she says overshadowed the campaign (she should know), but particularly the "sexism issue." She said she and others are "very, very angry" about "how Hillary was treated in the campaign." "The sexism issue is the issue that is pushing a lot of these women away from this campaign and they're — hey, you guys are really the darlings of, of the press as far as everybody is concerned which kind of makes me giggle a little bit, because they all sorta say yeah, they're fair and balanced."

Here's the video:

Comment: Ferraro is the second Hillary supporter this week to either praise Fox or claim that everyone but it is "the liberal media." What these women don't get is that Fox is pushing Clinton because nobody, NOBODY, would get the vote out for McCain like Hillary would. McCain's nothing to get excited about, but you can bet your sweet bippy Republicans would rev up their hatred of "the Clintons" — if given the chance Fox wants them to get — such that they'd flock to the polls in order to have the orgasmic experience of voting against her. This has nothing to do with Fox being "fair and balanced" Geraldine.

Oh, and by the way, speaking of sexism, I wonder if Ferraro has ever gone to FoxNewsPorn and checked out Neil Cavuto's starring role there.

Also, that's Harriet Christian on the split screen with Ferraro. She's the crazed Hillary supporter who ranted and raved against Obama on Saturday after the DNC's Rules and By-laws Committee meeting. Fox loves what she said about Obama being an "inadequate black male." Cavuto alone played it twice today. Yo, Harriet, Geraldine — anyone home?