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Megyn Kelly Agog With Bad News For Obama In Meaningless Puerto Rico Poll

Reported by Ellen - June 2, 2008 -

Is there anything that excites Megyn Kelly more than denigrating a black person? I don’t think so. Besides parlaying her extramarital “friendship” with Brit Hume into her own show, Kelly’s only other notable achievement seems to be her record of animosity toward African Americans. On top of her unsympathetic views on voter disenfranchisement, her eagerness to acquit the Duke defendants without benefit of trial and an equal eagerness to convict Michael Vick without a trial, during yesterday’s coverage of the Puerto Rico primary, she could barely contain her excitement over FOX News' telephone poll results that predictably favored Hillary Clinton. With video.

You have to wonder why FOX News bothered to do the poll in Puerto Rico in the first place. Clinton’s victory there was pretty much a foregone conclusion; Obama only made one appearance there. Furthermore, Puerto Ricans can’t vote in the general election. So what’s the point, if not to dig up data that makes Obama look bad?

Interestingly, Kelly framed the results not so much as pluses for Clinton but minuses for Obama. “It is no particular surprise that Clinton won Puerto Rico,” Kelly began. “But what IS interesting from our FOX News exclusive telephone poll is how the Democrats there actually feel about Obama.” (All the capitalized words are her emphases.)

“One clear problem for him in Puerto Rico,” she continued, disingenuously suggesting that there is a problem for him in Puerto Rico, “is NAME recognition. Two thirds of Democrats there say they are familiar with Obama.” Then, in a flat voice, she added, “and the majority of those folks have a favorable opinion of him.” Then she grew excited again. “BUT, more than a third, MORE THAN A THIRD of Puerto Rican Democrats say they just don’t know enough about Obama to even have an OPINION of him.” Then she gratuitously added, “Clearly Obama’s ONE DAY on the island not making a huge impression down there.”

Kelly went on to add that “Clinton’s favorability rating dwarfs Obama” which also seems pretty meaningless given that many people don’t know enough about him to have an opinion and, again, these are people who can’t vote in the presidential election anyway.

Her voice rising with even more excitement, Kelly said, “Bottom line is that Clinton won EVERY SINGLE group she normally wins and by a big margin and she pummeled Obama in all of his groups, too. We have NEVER seen that happen before, where one of these two candidates loses EVERY SINGLE voting group. That is what happened here. It is good news for Hillary Clinton, although it appears (Kelly’s voice dropped), it’s a little late.”

Comically, the very next report came from Major Garrett who reported that the low turnout was disappointing for Clinton who had hoped for a big turnout to use as proof of her electability to the superdelegates. Garrett began his report by saying, “I guess if you were trying to describe the victory for Hillary Clinton in political mathematic terms, you would say, ‘Light turnout plus primary victory is less than Hillary Clinton hoped to achieve here on the island.' ...Turnout here is simply much lighter than her campaign expected and projected only a couple of days ago.” Garrett also said, “The polls don’t look particularly good for her in Montana. They look slightly better for her in South Dakota.”

Those people do vote in the general election.

I apologize for the break in the video.