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FOX News Uses Crazy Racist Clinton Supporter Against Obama

Reported by Deborah - June 2, 2008 -

Today, 6/2/08, on FOX Election HQ, Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer, showed a video clip of a crazed Clinton supporter raving wildly after the DNC meeting on Saturday. Harriet Christian, claiming to be a Clinton supporter, shouted that Barack Obama was an "inadequate black man" and vowed John McCain would be the next president. Hemmer and Kelly acted like Christian was a credible and dedicated supporter instead of an unstable lunatic and even asked Brit Hume for his take on her threat to vote for McCain. (video included)

Bill Hemmer asked Hume," Is she the rule or the exception?" Hume, making no comment about the woman's obvious psychological issues, claimed that if she was the rule, Obama has a problem. Then Hume noted that Obama needs to be gracious to Clinton to avoid the problem. Bill Hemmer made a ridiculous comment about how much ice would be needed to heal the wounds adding that Obama had "put out an olive branch today"

comment: After watching the video of Harriet Christian's outburst, it's hard to believe that FOX News would actually give her credibility. However, FOX News is hoping that this lunatic is saying out loud what many voters are secretly thinking. At one point Christian screams, "You can call me white but I can't call you black That's not the America I know!" Isn't that the theme FNC has been selling with their endless crap about Wright and Pfleger? I can't help wondering if Harriet Christian is even a Democrat let alone a Clinton supporter.