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Fox Morphs "The Cavuto" Mark into Something More Like an Exclamation Mark

Reported by Melanie - June 2, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto is famous for his use of "The Cavuto." The Cavuto was made famous by Jon Stewart a couple of years ago (sorry, video no longer available). It is the question mark Fox's "business news" anchor, Neil Cavuto, places at the end of chyrons (the wording at the bottom of the screen), giving him apparent license to print just about anything there because he couches it in the form of a question. Crooks and Liars has some good examples. Fox obviously figures it can throw just about anything into the "lower 1/3" as long as it is capped off with "The Cavuto." If anyone complains, Fox can weasel out by pleading ignorance -- what, hey, relax; we're just posing a question already.

But look at this. Sometime in the last few weeks, Fox changed the font of The Cavuto. Now it looks more like an exclamation mark, as if Fox is making declaratory statements instead of posing questions.

Here's the old Cavuto. This is a screenshot from March 25, 2008.


Here's the new one. This is a screenshot from May 28, 2008, from a segment bashing Barack Obama for his Auschwitz/Buchenwald misstatement.


Comment: So, just think. From now on, Fox can print all sorts of crazy things (about Democrats and "illegals" and African-Americans, etc.) in its chyrons, use this new question mark, and who knows, it's quite possible that a good number of its viewers will see it as an exclamation mark and think what they're reading is a statement of fact. And I say that's exactly what Fox is hoping for.