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Bill O'Reilly Confronts Keith Olbermann Through Scott McClellan

Reported by Deborah - June 2, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly needed to look tough and confrontational tonight when he interviewed Scott McClellan about his book What Happened.After freaking out about McClellan going to NBC first and bragging that he could do a better job, he needed to save face. BOR also needed to defend Karl Rove and the White House especially since Rove is now on the FNC payroll. However, in the end, it was all about Keith Olbermann who O'Reilly can no longer dismiss as an insignificant gnat easily swatted away.

In the beginning of the interview, BOR's anger seemed like manufactured bluster as he bullied McClellan over his claim that the press didn't do their job in the lead up to the war. Using that angry glare reserved for his imagined enemies, Bill challenged,"You're telling me I didn't do my job!"
McClellan, utilizing his White House skills, handled the bully tactics calmly and was able to get his points in despite O'Reilly's efforts to intimidate.

After unsuccessfully defending Karl Rove, O'Reilly stopped the interview to offer his commentary.

"You put the worst possible spin on all of this. Every Bush hater is using this to smash the administration. Its your opinion!" Then Keith Olbermann became the invisible guest in the interview and the manufactured bluster began morphing into real emotion.

Condemning McClellan for talking with "notorious Bush haters",( AKA Keith Olbermann) he added " Didn't it make your skin crawl? You're not a bad man" " I said to myself, "MyGod! McClellan knows who these people are. He's dealt with them. What was going through your mind?

Then Olbermann became more visible as he got into the main theme of his attack that McClellan is being used by the "Bush haters." ( 76% of the the country but why quibble).

"Surely you know how you're being used. I wouldn't do what you did." McClellan made a rational point about the true premise of his book which O'Reilly didn't hear because the so called interview was never about the book in the first place. O'Reilly continued his taunts, " Hate Bush people using you...using you!"

The next assault focused on BOR's theory that the publisher forced McClellan to make the book more negative to sell books. Then he made a dumb assertion that McClellan's original book outline was different than the finished product. Since Bill-O has a ghost writer, he probably doesn't realize this is always the case.

Olbermann surfaced again causing another verbal fit. "You sat there while people at NBC and CNN raped the president verbally. You allowed them to do it in your presence" Then he questioned McClellan's courage which was rather foolish considering the courage it took to write the book and then defend it.

The interview was followed with back patting from Juan Williams and Mary Katherine Ham.Then,
of course, viewers got the obligatory body language assessment. More to come on all that but not tonight.