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Fox Guest Says Howard Dean Blames Chris Matthews and the "Liberal Media" for Hillary Clinton's Troubles

Reported by Melanie - June 1, 2008 -

What a coincidence. Do you believe it? Where does Fox get these people?

Last Friday (May 30, 2008) Neil Cavuto (Fox's alleged "business news" guy) interviewed two Clinton supporters — Cynthia Ruccia and Marilu Socher — in a segment titled, "Clinton Supporters Claim They're being Bullied by DNC."

(Video below.)

At the outset, Cavuto said Ruccia and Socher "were in on that call with Dean," during which he (and by extension, the DNC) allegedly bullied them. Cavuto didn't say anything about when "that call" took place, who was on it, what the topic was, etc., etc., etc. He said Fox contacted the DNC for a comment and "it calls the conversation constructive." Again, yo, Mr. Spinmeister, could we have more info about "the conversation," and "that call?"

Directing his first question to Socher, Cavuto asked what happened:

Socher: "Well, I think it was constructive but I think that he made no promises to us. I think that basically he said that he felt that the liberal media and ah, Chris Matthews was to blame for Hillary's troubles in the election."

Trying not to pee his pants, gleeful that "liberals" would say the media is "liberal," Cavuto looked down and said, "Alright, so, the media's liberal?"

Socher: "Um mum."

Comment: I'm on my way out the door but wanted to get this up. So many thoughts, so little time. Here are a few: I don't believe Dean said what Socher said he said. Where does Fox get these people? "Liberals" (they're for Clinton after all) who are willing to bash everything on Fox's current (and former) shit list, i.e., NBC/MSNBC (trying to shut Keith Olbermann up), the DNC, Howard Dean (and by association, Barack Obama), and
they agree that the media is liberal to boot?! And since when does an alleged "reporter" say so little - "on that call" - about the premise of a segment? Check your brain at the door.