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Chris Wallace: "Obama Wheezing To The Finish Line"

Reported by Deborah - June 1, 2008 -

This afternoon (June 1, 2008) Chris Wallace and Juan Williams continued to batter Obama with Father Pfleger acting as if his resignation from Trinity Church was inconsequential. Watching the Puerto Rico primary returns on FOX News from 3:39 to 3:55 PM, one might conclude that Barack Obama was spiraling down and poised to lose the nomination.

Wallace and Williams agreed that Obama has been losing primaries steadily since March noting that his favorability numbers have been going down. Juan Williams started rehashing the Pfleger visit to Obama's former church claiming he was " putting on a minstrel show". Wallace said, " Did you see the chorus in the background?"

Wallace asked if Obama could "still turn it around'? Williams said he could "make a display" but doubted it would help. " Rational people will say why should we believe it? They know what they saw." Wallace wondered about Obama's plan for a "big victory speech" on Tuesday night noting "it looks like he has some big problems."

When Bob Beckel appeared Wallace said, " Barack Obama is wheezing to the finish line" Then he asked Beckel who was the stronger candidate, Clinton or Obama? Beckel quickly chose Obama because his "upside is stronger."

Karl Rove was next and Wallace repeated , " Is he wheezing to the finish line?" After Rove went through a numbers analysis of delegates and popular vote claiming Clinton was trying to "muddle up the issue", Wallace asked him for the stronger candidate. Rove said " right now" it was Hillary Clinton adding that Obama could be stronger in the fall adding " he hasn't grown in strength and she has."

Then they cut to a video of Obama in South Dakota telling an enormous crowd of cheering supporters that he had just called Clinton to congratulate her for winning Puerto Rico. Just as he was telling the crowd about the importance of a unified party, he was cut off mid sentence for a commercial break.