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Hannity Outraged Over Tenuous Obama Connection To Louis Farrakhan, Has No Problem With White Guests’ Endorsement Of Him

Reported by Ellen - May 31, 2008 -

Sean Hannity, who has yet to explain his own prolonged relationship with Neo-Nazi Hal Turner, spent two-thirds of last night’s (5/30/08) Hannity & Colmes Hanctimoniously attacking Barack Obama for his connections, especially a hyped-up connection with Louis Farrakhan. Hannity knows full well that Obama has repudiated Farrakhan and his tenets yet continues to manufacture and then theatrically condemn an alliance that doesn’t exist. Even more hypocritically, Hannity had no problem with two recent guests who have openly and profusely praised Farrakhan. Hannity didn’t even think that worth mentioning. With video.

During one of many segments on last night’s Hannity & Colmes devoted to hyping the Michael Pfleger “controversy,” Hannity repeatedly highlighted Pfleger’s affection for Louis Farrakhan. Because Obama has expressed affection for Pfleger, that was all the proof Hannity needed to bombard the audience with Obama/Farrakhan conflations.

“Would you go to a church that honors a lifetime achievement award with Louis Farrakhan, a guy that we showed earlier says 'he’s my brother and that we’re friends and that he’s a lover of truth?'” Hannity hammily asked civil rights activist Lawrence Guyot. “It’s OK to be friends with a Father that praises an anti-Semite and racist Louis Farrakhan? It’s OK to be friends with Rev. Wright? All these things – none of this bothers you, none of this at all... Don’t you have a moral obligation to stand against anti-Semitism and racism?”

Funny, but with all that outrage, Hannity didn't find any moral obligation to stand against Jack Kemp or even think it worth asking Kemp in any of his recent appearances on Hannity & Colmes that Kemp had praised Farrakhan for his emphasis on black self-reliance and family values. Kent has also said that he wished he had been invited to speak at the Million Man March, the same event Hannity attacked Obama for attending. Hannity continued to attack Obama over his attendance at the march, even though Obama specifically criticized Farrakhan's tactics and stated that he had attended to observe, not participate.

Nor did Hannity seem to have a problem with Ed Rendell during his recent visit to the show. In a 1997 speech, Rendell similarly praised Farrakhan for his family values and said, "Thank you for what you stand for and what you stand for all the good it does to so many people in Philadelphia."

Could it be that the reason Hannity didn't care about either Rendell's or Kemp's praise is because they're white? Or is it because that would not fit neatly into the GOP goals of discrediting Obama? Or both?

Hannity's melodramatic rhetoric about standing against racism nearly always applies to black racism against whites and rarely the other way around. The night before, two guests made disparaging comments about African Americans which never aroused a peep of protest from him. Hannity has admitted to caring deeply about racial issues and it could not be clearer that he means he cares about issues affecting whites, only.

As for the anti-Semitism, check out this little photo of Hannity’s former pal, Turner, currently on his website:


Let’s ask FOX News why, if they feel that a person’s connections are so significant, they have yet to explain Hannity’s relationship with Turner. Here are the email addresses of a few executives and producers that one of our readers gave me. Let them hear from you! I’ll post my email in the comments section.

shine@foxnews.com, Jennie.Lubart@foxnews.com, moody@foxnews.com, john.finley@foxnews.com, david.brown@foxnews.com, darrell.jordan@foxnews.com