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Polls Only Matter To Cavuto When They (Allegedly) Show a Democrat is Losing

Reported by Melanie - May 30, 2008 -

Today (May 30, 3008) on Your World, Neil Cavuto hosted Democratic strategist and Obama supporter Howard Gutman in a segment titled, "Will New Pastor Scandal Cost Obama the White Vote?" Yes, what with Scott McClellan's book hitting the fan, Fox is conveniently all over Obama's "new pastor scandal."

The gist of the discussion was Cavuto quoting unnamed "latest polls" showing that Obama has a "narrower and narrower" lead over John McCain; he's "losing the so-called swing states," and he's "losing the white vote." Gutman's roll was to defend Obama. (A typical Fox segment featuring an Obama supporter. Fox always puts them in the position of being on the defensive. Our wish is that they be aware of that beforehand and not let it happen.)

Anyway, again, Cavuto quoted the "latest polls" but funny thing — two years ago, coming to the defense of Katherine Harris after he read a blurb about an upcoming appearance on ABC's "Nightline" during which she would discuss her "floundering" campaign — Cavuto aired a "Common Sense" editorial titled "Perception Versus Reality." In it, he dissed polls, saying, "Perception becomes reality. And we print that perception 'as' reality, based on polls that oftentimes are far from reality." And, "All I know is today's reality is tomorrow's fiction."

Hypocrite (but, what else is new, huh?).

As for the "latest polls," see for yourself how Obama's doing against McCain. Here's a list of just about every poll out there.