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Hannity's Favorite African American Reverend Attacks Trinity Church And Obama As Racist But Hails Hagee As Good Christian

Reported by Ellen - May 30, 2008 -

White supremacist sympathizer Sean Hannity and FOX News once again jumped at the opportunity to accuse Barack Obama and his black church of racism. This time, the tenuous connection was Rev. Michael Pfleger, a white man who gave a racially-tinged sermon attacking Hillary Clinton at Obama’s church. Pfleger has since apologized, and the whole thing had nothing to do with Obama (who distanced himself from Pfleger anyway) but they trotted out Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, an African American who is even more enthusiastic than Hannity about calling black people racists, if such a thing is possible. But Peterson's subsequent endorsement of Pastor John Hagee might give him a bit of a credibility problem with last night’s (5/29/08) Hannity & Colmes viewers. With video.

Peterson was not content to just attack Obama and his church but all black churches and even all black Americans: “This is another example of racism being taught from the pulpit. It is not uncommon that in many of the black churches you hear racist comments coming from the black preachers. It’s unfortunate but they are catering to the racist attitude of black Americans toward white Americans.”

After Peterson criticized Obama for calling Pfleger “a great spiritual leader,” Colmes asked Peterson, “So John McCain called Rod Parsley a spiritual leader. You have a problem with that?”

Of course he didn’t.

Colmes pressed further. “Why don’t you, Jesse Lee, go after John McCain when he’s got (John) Hagee, whose support he seeks, and Hagee says, ‘Hitler’s sent by God to hunt the Jews,’ ‘Jews are not spiritually alive.’ You’ve got Rod Parsley who he calls ‘the great spiritual leader’ and Parsley denounces Islam, denounces gays and I don’t hear a peep out of the conservatives on those particular people who say outrageous things."

Peterson answered, “I know Hagee. He’s not a racist." (Comment: Of course not! The only racists in Peterson’s world are black. Peterson has even encouraged white people to voice their own racial antipathy to blacks.).

Peterson continued, “And the principles that (Hagee) teaches are the principles and values that Christians believe in.”

“That Hitler was sent by God to get the Jews?” Colmes asked.

“Alan, there is a difference in teaching black folks to hate white folks rather than teaching love,” Peterson said.

“Hitler was sent by God to get the Jews? That’s love?” Colmes asked.

Peterson responded, “That’s a belief. That is a belief of the Christian religion.”

Democrat Bob Beckel was the other guest. I’ve been critical of Beckel in the past but I’ve got to give him props for his work lately. Beckel said, “Jesse, Jesse, we’re both Christians. That’s about love. Hitler coming to get the Jews, are you kidding? The guy’s a fruitcake.”

Peterson must have realized he had stepped in it. He tried to pivot. “It’s about Barack right now. Do we want a racist black man in the White House? That’s what we should be concerned about.”

Beckel answered right back. “He’s not a racist black man and that is an obscene statement of yours.”