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Dick Morris: The Black Community Is Fundamentally Anti-White

Reported by Ellen - May 30, 2008 -

Just when I thought Dick Morris would never be able to top his recent statement that “growing fear of Obama will drag every last white Republican off the golf course to vote for McCain,” he told Sean Hannity that the attention being paid to Obama’s church gives white America “a glimpse of what goes on in the black community and passes for socially acceptable rhetoric.” With video.

In Part 2 of a two-part interview with Morris on last night’s (5/29/08) Hannity & Colmes, Sean “I care deeply about (white) racial issues” Hannity once again tried to make political hay out of a video of guest pastor Michael Pfleger’s racially-tinged attacks on Hillary Clinton. Pfleger is white but he was speaking at Obama’s Trinity Church. So white supremacist sympathizer Hannity tried to tie Pfleger to Obama, even though Pfleger has apologized for his comments and even though Obama has denounced those comments.

Hannity asked Morris, “I’m wondering, where do we begin to say, ‘Barack Obama, his associations are beyond questionable now?’”

“Well,” Morris answered, “I think that what this points to is it goes beyond just the question of association with the pastor. It’s a phenomenon that I think is significant. I was talking to a Congressman, a Republican but a moderate, progressive one. And he said that every time he went in his district to a black rally or a black church, he said you’d be amazed at the rhetoric that goes on there, how racially tinged it is. How fundamentally anti-white it is. And in a sense white America is now getting a glimpse of what goes on in the black community and passes for socially acceptable rhetoric. And rhetoric that would never be tolerated in the white community.”

Unless, of course, you’re Sean Hannity. Hannity not only tolerated anti-black rhetoric from bigoted Hal Turner, he bonded with Turner off the air. And since Hannity is so concerned about the importance of associations, here’s a screen grab from Turner’s website right now just to give you an idea of the kind of person Hannity used to associate with. The face in the photo is Turner's.